PCI Compliance.

Over the phone payments.

Touchstone Communications provides PCI Security on every transaction. As a PCI compliant call center, each transaction is a secure payment. The secure payment systems include technical firewalls and network security that guard sensitive data and provide PCI compliance for over the phone payments. The physical facility is protected by bio-entry requirements as well as SOPs that prohibit paper, writing instruments, phones, cameras, and storage devices on the floor where credit card data is viewable.

Credit Card Transactions

Touchstone’s secure payment systems comply with MasterCard, Visa, and other major credit card requirements. As a PCI Compliant Call Center providing 24/7 service, e-retailers, travel companies can confidently outsource sales desks, reservations, and customer service.

Touchstone can accept and process payments by phone or web, providing retailers with increased sales from customers in all channels. Touchstone provides:

  • Highest Level Data Security
  • Customer privacy and credit card data security are protected by safe network and facility security.

Highest Level Data Security

Customer privacy and credit card data security require safe network and facility security.
Touchstone provides PCI-DSS compliant services and can allow consumers to enter credit card data with or without agent assistance.

Sales Desk
Our income support exists most effectively to assist sales reps in making offers. We have agents dedicated to the sole requirements of retention and customer success-oriented sales, and they’re valued more than anyone.
They carry out their role by making connections, preparing sellers, nurturing leads, and offering training.
Touchstone technology provides efficient payment processing and data capture that seamlessly integrates into client payment systems and CRMs. We offer after-hour services to supplement client in-house sales desks and provide 24/7 services.
Cart Recovery
Abandoned carts are a major source of lost income for e-retailers. Touchstone can engage with customers through omni-channel communication to recover lost income due to abandoned carts.
Often, consumers were genuinely interested in purchasing, but became distracted, couldn’t find their credit card, or were frustrated by the check-out process.

Integration into Client Payment Systems

Touchstone can integrate into client payment systems while exceeding PCI call center compliance requirements.
Touchstone’s integration capability includes connecting with data in client CRM’s and shipping, logistic, and inventory systems.